About Us

The Counselling and Human Development Centre (CHDC) was established in 2013 based on the mandate of the National Universities Commission (NUC) for the establishment of Counselling and Human Development Centre (CHDC) in Nigerian Universities. The crux of the mandate of the Centre is to provide services relating to Student Career Resource and Development, Guidance and Counselling, Student Orientation, Entrepreneurial services, Psychological services, Gender and Peace Education, Cultural values, and National Orientation amongst others. Dr. Alexander Eze was appointed as the Director of the Centre at inception in 2013 and he piloted the affairs of the Centre to April 2017 when Dr. Oluwakemi E. Omole was appointed as the Coordinator of the Centre.

 However, in February 2021, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Abayomi S. Fasina appointed Professor Benjamin O. Omolayo as the Director of the Centre. The Centre was established to provide a wide range of counselling services to students and staff to address and proffer solutions to the challenges confronting them and which could interfere with their education.

The Centre is committed to effectively serve the students in their quests for career and other needs that require counselling services and support. The Centre promotes the welfare of the university community including the staff and students. The counselling aspect of the Centre includes the provision of systematic and creative psychosocial therapies that emphasize non-clinical practice while clinical related cases are referred to appropriate quarters in ensuring qualitative service delivery in the provision of overall satisfaction and wellness of students and staff. The Centre works in collaboration with other Departments, Units, Government agencies, and Non-Governmental Organizations to enhance a conducive and comfortable campus environment.

Appointments are made daily by calling the Counselling Officers on 08035314926, 08062121372, 08159753370, 08069807987, 08032335174, and 08134793434. Appointments are usually between 8:00am and 4:00pm, but contact hours are provided based on the needs of the Counsellee(s). Appointments are granted on a first-call basis; hence students are encouraged to call early on the day that they would like to meet with a Counsellor. All counselling sessions are confidential from the first appointment to the last counselling sessions. The Counsellors are ready to attend to Counsellees (students and staff) at all appointments and offer counselling services to them. Talking with a Counsellor is sufficient to resolve immediate worries or fears.

The Counselling and Human Development Centre (CHDC) also provides services to support students with psychosocial and other peculiar needs including mental health. Besides, referral services rendered by the Centre are often accompanied by appropriate follow-ups. Students are therefore enjoined to call the Counselling Officers if in immediate need. However, concerns that exceed the scope of the Centre’s focus, such as clinical-related cases are referred to appropriate therapists or centers for adequate and qualitative attention.

Departments, Units, Government, and Corporate agencies and organizations do collaborate with the Centre on career support for students and enter into partnership and collaboration with them to organize Career Talks, Seminars, Workshops, and Lectures for students and staff members. Many students have benefitted from the Career Talks and Lectures that have been organized by the Centre.

The Centre also provides sources for scholarship awards and guiding information for students regularly. The Counselling Centre of the University provides guidance, counselling and psychological services to enhance the welfare of students and staff in line with the University’s mission.

Office Hours: 8:00am – 4:00pm, Monday–Friday. Other times are by appointment only.